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Foot Active FootActive Medical ¾ Length FootActive Medical ¾ Length are our highest density insoles.  They offer a high degree of arch suppo.. Product #: FA5 Regular price: £22.95 £22.95 10

FootActive Medical ¾ Length

FootActive Medical ¾ Length

Brand: Foot Active
Product Code: FA5
Availability: 10
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  • TOP QUALITY NHS-APPROVED ¾-LENGTH ORTHOTIC INSOLE - The preferred choice of orthotic insole for Podiatrists and Physiotherapists, FootActive Medical Insoles assist with the effective treatment and relief of Heel PainHeel SpursPlantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendonitis.
  • ADVANCED DESIGN HELPS TO REDUCE PAIN AND INCREASE COMFORT LEVELS - FootActive Medical Insoles feature a soft velours top cover, biomechanical arch support and a deep heel cup for re-aligning foot and ankle, and can be used to correct over-pronation (inward rolling of the ankle/foot), flat feet and fallen arches.
  • MADE WITH PREMIUM MATERIALS FOR EFFECTIVE AND NOTICEABLE RESULTS - Developed using top quality, high density lightweight EVA with advanced cushioning Durapontex and shock absorbing heel padding with microfibre top layer, these insoles offer wearers the benefit of long-lasting durability and unrivalled comfort levels.
  • SUITABLE FOR MOST LACE-UP FOOTWEAR - FootActive Medical ¾-length orthotic insoles are highly versatile and are suitable for use with all lace-up footwear including trainers, walking boots, and work boots.
  • 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - FootActive Medical Insoles are proven to help reduce pain and increase comfort when walking and standing. This guarantee is backed by our 30-day refund or exchange policy, giving you total peace of mind when making your purchase today.