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Foot Health

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FootActive Comfort

FootActive Comfort NHS-APPROVED Premium Insoles Our Full-Length, Arch Support Orthotic Insoles are proven to Help Reduce your Heel Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Knee Pain, Back Pain and Achilles Tendonitis. This is a medium density insole which is perfect for everyday/work use. It supports the arch and stabilises the foot whilst also cushioning the heel. Perfect for Flat Feet


FootActive Metatarsalgia

FootActive Metatarsalgia ¾ Length Premium Orthotic Insole for Ball of Foot Pain Relief with Biomechanical Arch Support, Metatarsal Raise, Deep Heel Cup and Shock Absorbing Gel Pads


Tiki Girl Flip-Flops

Tiki Girl Orthotic Flip-Flops. Great-looking Flip-Flops, amazing cushioning and support! Biomechanical arch support. Look good and feel great with Tiki Girl! Helps relieve heel and general foot pain.


FootActive Metatarsalgia Full-Length

Full length orthotic for the relief of ball of foot pain (Metatarsalgia) and also Morton’s Neuroma. Features a metatarsal dome to support the forefoot structure and cushioning forefoot pad.


FootActive Plantar Fasciitis

FootActive Plantar Fasciitis- Full-length, extra-cushioned orthotic insoles for the effective relief and foot support for Plantar Fasciitis.

FootActive Plantar Fasciitis insoles support the arch of the foot and are designed to reduce the excess strain on the Plantar Fascia ligament, thereby treating the cause of the problem and providing Plantar Fasciitis relief. Our combination of Plantar Fasciitis arch support and cushioning heel pads help to alleviate and prevent any associated heel pain.


FootActive Medical ¾ Length

FootActive Medical ¾ Length are our highest density insoles.  They offer a high degree of arch support and deep heel cup.

These insoles are suitable for people with severe over-pronation or flat feet

3/4 length insoles can fit into most types footwear (even those with a narrower toe)


FootActive Medical Full Length

FootActive Medical Full Length are made from high density E.V.A and are ideal for people with severe excess pronation and flat feet.


FootActive Football Plus

FootActive Football Plus - Slimline insoles for football, rugby, hockey boots


FootActive Kids ¾ Length

Children's ¾ length firm Orthotic Insole for the treatment of Flat Feet/Fallen Arches and Sever’s disease


FootActive Kids Full Length

Our full length firm Orthotic Insole for the treatment of Flat Feet/Fallen Arches and Sever’s disease


FootActive Sports

FootActive Sports Insoles- High-Impact Full-Length Advanced Orthotic Arch-Support Insoles for Sports, Athletics, Leisure, Work and Play. Maximum Comfort and Shock Absorption for Injury Prevention

This insole is perfect for all sports and activity use.  It offers plenty of arch support and also provides cushioning to the heel and forefoot. 


FootActive Workmate

FootActive Workmate is a full-length Orthotic insole designed by podiatrists for people who spend all day on their feet.

Protects feet from hard surfaces

Features medium arch support and heel cushioning

Perfect for work boots/shoes


FootActive Sensi

FootActive Sensi is a full length, soft orthotic which has been developed for diabetics, arthritis sufferers, the elderly and those with sensitive feet.


FootActive Casual

FootActive Casual is a 3/4 length orthotic. It is an easy and cost-effective solution to heel pain, knee, back pain or tired, aching feet and legs.

As the FootActive Casual is a 3/4 length insole it can fit into shoes with a narrower toe. 


FootActive Catwalk

Pain-Free Fashion! FootActive Catwalk are designed to re-distribute weight to alleviate burning ball of foot pain when wearing heels.